JBreak in Kansas

January break absolutely won this year’s best break. I decided to go to Lawrence, Kansas with my roommate and two other close friends. To say the least, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Recently, those girls and I had been drifting apart, but this gave us a chance to reunite. Spending time with people 24/7 typically forces you to get along, repair chemistry, become closer. It all started on the 8 hour car-ride. Squished in the back seat together, we told stories, laughed about our favorite movie quotes, sang songs, and toward the end of the ride, fell asleep on each others shoulders. The next morning we slept in and drove into Lawrence town (a small city of about 80,000). It reminded me a lot of Decorah with its charming feel, cutesy shops – Main Street was just about five times as long! We made various stops there for shopping trips, ice cream, and most importantly – a little bit of what Decorah lacks – ETHNIC food! (The three pounds I probably gained over break was worth every bite!) Lawrence is also sprinkled with pretty bike trails and a big body of water called Clinton Lake, where we ran and walked with the dog several times. The most miraculous part was the weather: the last few days were almost in the 70’s! So for all of you who bash Kansas, stop in Lawrence! Find its hidden beauty – because ya can’t judge a place until you’ve seen it with your own eyes!

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