Going to Luther is different than going to a big state school for many reasons; one of the most noticeable is J-term. J-term is officially called January Term, but all the hip students say J-term. The point of J-term is to allow students to focus on one class and I think to let us take a class we normally wouldn’t. Also it is a great time to go abroad, and there are some awesome classes that do so, like there is a bio class that goes to the Bahamas and snorkels. J-term is about 3 weeks long and we have class every day. The range of class options is huge, anything from a class about Jimmy Buffett, to a class Fairy Tales. I think overall everyone tends to enjoy J-term and the experience they gain.

I personally took a philosophy course called “Big Questions,” basically we read The Republic, by Plato, and discussed the themes of the book and how we felt about these ideas. I quickly learned that in philosophy there is no right answer but there seem to be many wrong ones, and that reading a book that was written 2500 years ago can be really hard. Thanks to J-term I learned that philosophy is not a field of study I really enjoy, and philosophy makes my brain hurt. On the other hand, my roommate took a class about magic and came home every day with a new magic trick to show me, so that was cool. J-term is a cool time that allows us to focus on whatever random course we want to and gives a plenty of time to hang with friends and goof off, another great perk!

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