J-Term Love

    The one year anniversary of LCSO’s grand concert in the Vienna Konzerthaus has me reminiscing about Vienna more than ever with my roommate who has recently returned from Europe. Trading stories back and forth, I can’t help but be thankful for my experience and I still vow to go back someday.

    Ok, reminiscing over. Let me fill you in on the last happenings of this J-Term. The last two weeks found me preparing for a presentation, writing a final paper as well as more symphony rehearsal and avoiding sickness. Last weekend, the Luther campus experienced the Norovirus, a gastrointestinal bug that NOBODY wants. Thankfully, being isolated in a rather empty dorm with only one roommate was probably in my favor, and I escaped the epidemic. I didn’t realize how many people were affected until Symphony rehearsal was cancelled. Yes, you heard me right. If it didn’t take the mass emails regarding the sickness, how to stay well, and where to pick up food for your sick friends to make me realize the extent of the situation, then having rehearsal cancelled hit it home. Despite our one cancelled rehearsal and about 1/4 of the symphony members being sick, we made an amazing amount of progress on our spring program. Our spring break tour is only two months away and every time I think that we are playing music beyond our reach, we stretch and grow a little more.

    The last days of class proved just as interesting and beneficial as the start. The content and discussion created the most relevant course that I have ever taken, with over-arching questions that I can apply to classes in the future. As I wrote my final in-class essay, I was amazed at both the breadth and depth of knowledge we covered in only 18 classes. We had 90 minutes to take our final, and I felt I could have written for hours. This class, though fulfilling a required general education credit, was much more influential to my future interests than I expected, but definitely a happy accident. Now, I’m soaking up a few days of vacation before the jolt back to the reality of school. J-Term was a blessedly relaxing month, and I can’t wait to see what the next two J-Terms bring to my life.

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