Washington D.C! At last!

Hey All! I realized today that I haven’t posted in my blog in awhile so I will catch you up on what I have been doing the past couple of weeks. I am officially in Washington D.C. and I am having a blast. Let me tell you a little what the past couple of day shave been like. I started my journey bright and early at 2am on Sunday. My flight was planned to leave at 6AM, so I had to get up that early to make sure I got to the airport on time and everything. After a fairly stress-free flight a classmate and I landed in Washington D.C. Part 1 of the main traveling was over, but now Part 2 was just beginning. How were we going to get to our apartment? Luckily the apartment complex that we are living in this semester is very close to a metro station. So we asked for some directions to get to our stop and started the journey with our suitcases to our new home for the next month. With a few wrong turns, and wrong buildings we finally made it to the Riverplace Apartments. I live on the 10th floor, the “penthouse” levels, with 3 other guys and our apartment is amazing. It is completely refurnished and has a great balcony-view. We settled in, found out where the grocery stores are, and purchased some metro cards that way we could get into the city. After a long day of buying groceries, cleaning supplies, and pillows the day was pretty much over and we were exhausted. The next day, we had orientation and got a security talk about living in Washington D.C. and how to avoid getting mugged or in trouble with the police. The talk was very informative and the police officer definitely gave us some good tips. On Tuesday, it was my first day of my internship at C-SPAN. I am in the Education Relations Department and am one of 15 interns that C-SPAN has this semester. Part of my job includes helping run StudentCam, which is a student documentary project for middle, and high school aged students to participate in. The grand prize is $5000 so it is a pretty neat competition. My first day was a little overwhelming but very exciting. I got my access ID’s for my building and feel really official and professional. I am looking forward to working with C-SPAN and getting to know my colleagues. On Wednesdays, we have field trips as a group with every student part of the Consortium program. Today we went to the United States Capitol and Supreme Court building. We had a tour of the capital, and got to see where the Supreme Court cases are held. It was really sweet and I cannot wait for more field trips to come. Some of the upcoming ones include visiting the Pentagon and the White House! Everything is going pretty smoothly and I am becoming more familiar with the Metro and cooking for myself. I will keep you all posted on my happenings and hope you all are enjoying yourselves! Take care, Mario

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