LSD... we tha best!!!

So I know I was going a 3 part blog about stuff that happens at the end of the semester but J term class got a little too much to write a blog trilogy. By the way I am taking a philosophy course for my J term, but I will talk more about that next week.

This week I am dedicating the blog to the greatest group of people on campus… the Luther Swimming and Diving Team… LSD! This team is ridiculous! It has been over 100 days of season and I can proudly say everyone on the team is my family. We spend so much time together and the fun we have is unmatched by any other group on campus. Every night after practice we take over a big dinner table in the Caf and make a ton of noise with our laughter and shenanigans (surprisingly spell check knows what shenanigans are). The bond we have is crazy tight and amazing. Although many people probably get annoyed with our weirdness I bet they are incredibly jealous of how much fun we have. Not to mention the fact that we find a way to have fun during practice, which is always hard. I would like you to find any team that has more fun!!!!

The reason we are so unbelievably close is because 1) we spend so much time with each other, roughly 4 hours a day. 2) We are all swimmers, and naturally swimmers are goofy and weird with each other. And 3) we all have two important things in common, we love our sport and we all know how to work hard in and out of the pool. Because of these important things we understand that the team is the number one importance. Not a single person puts themself before the rest of the team. If you work hard it is because you want everyone else to work hard with you. There is never a day that we aren’t pushing each other.

This is one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part of, and I am barely half way through my freshman year. LSD is my family and everyone on it is remarkably awesome. My life would not be nearly as dope without this team and I am reminded every day when I wake up to go jump into that cold pool that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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