Traditional J-Term

I’m experiencing my first “traditional” J-Term and I must admit I’m rather fond of this full yet juggle-free schedule. I have read two books and multiple articles for my class, started learning Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite in symphony and reminisced about Vienna everyday. A J-Term spent reading, discussing, and playing music is a relaxing way to be productive, if I do say so myself.

    Being taught by a Luther graduate in collaboration with a political science professor, my J-Term course is discussing technology and social media and how it can effect democracy and world change. Light, right? In truth, it’s grabbed my attention from the first reading. Within four classes, we’ve read two books, multiple articles and chosen research paper topics. Let’s remember that this is fulfilling my first year J-Term because last year I was in Vienna with the symphony having the time of my life. I’m so thankful that this is an interesting topic because it’s making me miss Vienna slightly less.

    An aspect of J-Term I’m enjoying is the relaxed schedule, only in the fact that there are less activities to organize. Even though my homework load is considerable, symphony is my only other scheduled activity, so my days are full but not overwhelming. Sitting for over an hour at dinner with friends is a luxury I’ve rarely had in college, yet it has happened everyday in J-Term. This leads to another part of J-Term that I’m growing to love: the relaxed atmosphere with less people. After finals week where the tension was palpable, a campus with less people who are more relaxed is much appreciated. The exception: I miss my two roommates off on their own adventures for J-Term. My remaining roommate and I appreciate a calm campus but not an empty room!

    I suppose that is all for now, my coffee mug and book are calling my name. Enjoy the odd, very un-January weather everyone!

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