A Balmy Jterm

Hello again! Today marks my seventh warm, sunny day back on campus -- I am a happy norsewoman! January term is all I expected and more, as I peruse through the undiscovered depths of science through science fiction. I decided to get a science requirement out of the way, reminding myself of how I struggled through science in high school, I thought this class would be a light, fun class and fill a science requirement at the same time! So far, it has exceeded my expectations. We get to watch scifi films every day in class. Dr. J opens our minds as we watch and discuss these films with an inquisitive eye. "What scientific issues are being presented here?" "Is there any science in the film that cannot be proven? Is it science that leans more toward the mystical or the fantastic?" These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves while watching these incredibly detailed, futuristic films. Another plus of January term is the copious amounts of free time. The schedule allows time for not only homework, but exercise, naps, movies, socializing! It feels strange that school can allow for such a relaxed month of work, however in my opinion, a schedule like Jterm should exist all the time. Because to tell you the truth, I have noticed that because I'm not stressed out and overwhelmed with other work, I am able to focus on this one class and give it my all. In addition, the light-hearted spirit of the class gives me a genuine thirst to learn more! So what do you say Luther? Why not Jterm all the time...?

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