Christmas Break

Hello All! I realized I forgot to update my blog after finals week was over. Well I made it! My finals went relatively smoothly and I finished up the semester pretty well. I am now at home enjoying these next couple weeks with my family before I head out to D.C. for the semester. The fact that I am not going back to Luther for January Term is starting to hit me, and the experience is becoming more real as the days pass. I can’t believe I am heading out to our nations capital and interning out there for an entire semester. Not many people can say they have had that opportunity and I am definitely excited. Some things I am not so excited for is dressing in a shirt and tie everyday (I have to for my internship), and cooking my own meals. I am so used to just throwing on whatever I find in my closet every morning, and now I have to dress really nice for work every day. Maybe I will come back to Luther with a new sense of style-who knows. The cooking my own meals part might be a challenge. The caf has spoiled me these past two and a half years because I have not had to cook for myself ever. I have tried cooking a few times at home and they have turned out to be disasters. This will be something I have to work on otherwise I might not survive. I hope my roommates have some knowledge of cooking because I have none…maybe I can learn a thing or two. As for break, I am spending it catching up with friends and working. I am fortunate to have a nice job where I can come back from school breaks and pick up some hours. It is nice to get that extra cash around the holidays. I am definitely not complaining. For Christmas, my family and I are headed to a family friends house to celebrate. It should be a good time. I will try to update you more while I am on break but I doubt I will do anything too eventful. I look forward to updating you all about my DC experiences though. Take care, Mario

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