Holiday Season

The semester is winding down and we're all getting ready to head our separate ways for the holidays. This is one of the very interesting things about Luther's Nottingham Program. At the end of each semester at the University of Nottingham there is a month break before finals, and Luther has designated this time as travel time. During these two months out of the year we are 'kicked out' of the flat. For some reason when I think of this I picture birds in a cage being set free? Don't get me wrong, I love life in the flat, but this month coming up of traveling is what I'm looking forward to the most. Over the next month I'm going to get my first taste of travel in continental Europe. I'll be starting out my trip with a 'tour of Scandinavia' with Becca and Sarah. I say tour, but we're really only going to Copenhagen, Stockholm and then Oslo. This is sure to be a lot of fun and hopefully we'll get a chance to actually see some of the white stuff. From Oslo I'll be busing over to Göteborg, Sweden where I'll be staying with my mom's good friend, Karin, and her family. Karin was actually a foreign exchange student that lived with my mom for a year in high school! I'm very excited about this! I met her when I was much younger, but don't really remember it. It'll be so nice to be able to have a bit of family feel for Christmas! After Karin's I'll be heading to Paris for a night on my own. (Only because the ticket was too cheap to pass up!) Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with Julia though and hang out with her and some of her fencing friends the night that I'm there solo. From Paris, I'll be heading to Barcelona to meet up with Elise. After a few days Becca will also be joining us! I'm excited to get a chance to work on my Spanish, since it's been a long time since I've done so. From Barcelona we'll be heading to Normandie, Caen to be exact, for a few days. Definitely not a very cheap trip, but I'm sure it'll be breathtakingly beautiful. After Normandie we'll head back to Paris and spend some time there. We'll also get to catch up with Sarah, Kennedy and Chelsey since they will all be there around the same time. A really good friend of mine from Luther will also be in Paris around the same time, so I'm very excited to see him! As you can see I'm in for quite a trip! I can't wait to wake up at 5am on Friday morning and get it all started. Haha (Yes, we leave Nottingham at 5:40am on Friday.) I still can't believe that I'll be visiting five countries during break! It's going to be so incredibly cool! I'll try to keep my blog update whenever possible while I'm gone. It'll mostly depend on time and internet access though. So until then... Cheers ladies and gents

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