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ife has been pretty busy lately. It’s getting closer and closer to the big, exciting winter break and so deadlines for essays and homework are all rapidly approaching. In the time that I’m not toiling away on homework I’m at football or hanging out with my great flatmates. This is just going to be a quick recap on how everything has been as of late. Last Friday Chelsey, Sarah, Elise, Kennedy and I went to Breaking Dawn. It was a horrible movie but I have to admit that because I am a bit of a twilight fan (I’ve read the books) that I rather enjoyed going to it. Movies are also an interesting experiencing England. The first reason for this is that their movie theaters are actually warm! You don’t have to dress like you’re going to the North Pole like you do in the United States. I was snug and warm through the whole thing. I even had to take off my sweatshirt! It definitely made me want to spend all of my freetime at movies rather than hanging out in the chilly flat. Another interesting thing about movie theaters is that there is a bar literally right outside of the movie theater. (I’m not talking down the street, but actual outside of the doors to the particular movie you’re seeing.) It was just such a strange thing to see. This past Tuesday I finally got the opportunity to go slacklining with a bunch of the other Notts. It was extremely fun. They've got a great place on Jubilee campus where we do it. We played music and just hung out. In total about 7/12 of us Notts showed up for it! I definitely have a lot of practicing to do before I'm good at it, but it was a great time. I can't wait to go again! Last night we had dinner out for Chelsey’s 22nd birthday. We got all dressed up and went to a really good Mediterranean restaurant called Yamas Meze and Tapas. It was a very fun night. Chels, B-Train and I got a vegetarian platter and pretty much had an amazing vegetarian buffet to eat! The food was great and the company was spectacular. We really have become close over the last few months. I love my flatmates! J Every Wednesday I have training for football for Arnoldtown F.C. I absolutely love it. It’s kind of the highlight of my week. I really enjoy talking to Steve on the way to and from practice. I’ve learned so much about England through my conversations with him. I also love practice! It feels so good to be back out on a pitch! It’s taking a while for me to get back into the swing of things but I’m enjoying it immensely. I also had my first game last weekend. It was 45 minutes away and so I had a lot of fun gabbing with some of the other girls on the way there. The game was against a team that is actually a level above us, so I expected us to get slaughtered. We came out with one goal scored on them, a lot of chances and thanks to our goalie only 5 scored on us… haha It was a fun time though and I really felt like I got to connect with the girls which was a lot of fun. They started calling me USA this past week, which I find pretty hilarious. I now have a nickname. Haha After the game the other club invited us into the clubhouse to have chips. I was expecting just some chips (which are basically like fries), but they came out with a large plate of bread with butter on it, a large bowl of chips and ketsup. Then I watched as the girls took bread, put chips on it, covered it in ketsup and folded it like a sandwich. One girl referred to it as “fat on fat” which I found pretty hilarious. I tried it though and it was amazing! Who woulda thunk? This past week I also had an emergency that I had to handle… It all started one morning when Noah, Julia and I were hurrying to the bus stop to catch a bus that was already there. I was holding my bus pass, which also happens to be my student ID, in my hand quite tightly and felt a crunch as I was running. On getting to the bus I realized that it was cracked only halfway through and still worked for getting on the bus. I used it like that for the next few days being really really careful not to crack it anymore, but on my way to Italian one morning I accidentally put more pressure on it than I should have and it cracked the rest of the way through. I didn’t even really realize that it happened until we were trying to catch a 36 to campus and my card wouldn’t work. The bus driver took a look at it and told me that it was broken, but he was nice and still let me ride the bus to campus without paying. I seriously worried through most of Italian about it. Then afterwards I went out to search for where I would go to fix it. I ended up talking to a girl who told me to go to security, but the wrong security. Eventually I made it to the right spot though. I had to pay 15 pounds for a new card (about the equivalent of 25 USD) then was told I’d have to go downtown to get my bus pass transferred to my new card. I paid the 1 pound on the university bus to get down there only to be told that they couldn’t actually do it until the next day. I about started crying there. I didn’t even have the correct change to get back to the flat. I ended up just going into a coffee shop and getting coffee and a muffin, working on my paper and getting the exact change needed because of it. The next morning I paid the 1.70 pounds to get back downtown again and they ACTUALLY FIXED IT! It’s amazing how difficult life is in a big city when you lose your means of transportation. That was a pretty rough experience and I am going to treasure my bus pass like it’s sacred for the rest of the year! Well today is our Thanksgiving celebration, which means that I have a lot of things to do before our feasting tonight. Cheers ladies and gents

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