Big City Living

Living in Nottingham has been an adjustment in many different ways. I mean we’re living in foreign country far away from friends and family, but it’s also been an adjustment for me in the way that I’m not used to ‘big city living.’ I’ve always lived in a small town. I moved from small town Minnesota where I grew up to small town Iowa for college. So I haven’t really experienced city life until now. It’s very strange to not live in a small town where I know where everything is and how to get there. Instead of memorizing walking routes, I’m now memorizing bus routes. It takes close to 40 minutes some days just to get to campus for class, rather than the five minute walk that I was accustomed to at Luther. This past Tuesday it actually took an hour to get home. I took the usually 34 bus from campus to Canning Circus, only to see that not only did the bus stop say 8 minutes to the next bus, but it was consistently adding minutes, so I took to hoofing it. I was trucking it let me tell you. It just so happened that I was cooking that night with Michelle so I really had no time to waste. I walked almost the whole way back before one of the buses actually caught up with me. I jumped on and after getting on realized that it was the worst rush hour I had ever seen in Nottingham. Traffic was inching every few minutes. So I jumped back off and walked the rest of the way back to the flat, and what do you know… I beat that stupid bus back to the stop. On my walk I had a pretty funny experience though. See in Nottingham it is really not that unusual for a young, university student to get cat-called or honked at, but on my walk back two young men were driving right alongside me yelling at me. They obviously just wanted my attention… so I didn’t give it to them. That is, until, one of them yelled “You’ve got a nice bum-bum.” That was it I turned, and couldn’t help but laugh. ‘Bum-bum,’ what a funny compliment. They were excited to have my attention, but I just couldn’t help but outright laugh at that. It’s just a whole different experience living in a city. A city just has a whole different feel. Living in a smalltown I was very used to greeting everyone I saw, because normally I knew them or they knew my family. Here in the big city I find these kind of greetings to be looked upon by the receiver as being very strange. The other day, for example, I saw a woman with a really cute puppy walk by and said hello and smiled. SHUT DOWN! She just looked at me like I was from another planet, like “Why in the world are you talking to me and looking at my dog?” It’s just completely different. Another interesting thing is that I’ve noticed at my football practices that the sky over the city at night is always this strange red color… yay pollution. It’s just so strange to be breathing in this highly polluted air rather than the fresh air of a farm town that I am so used to. It may take a while, but this city living is slowly growing on me. Cheers ladies and gents

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