Being sick abroad and my irrational fear

Being sick is never fun, but let me tell you, being sick when you’re studying abroad is a million times worse. There's something horrible about being sick when you're abroad. You're too far away for your parents to come to your rescue and wisk you off for a weekend of recovery. Heck, you're even too far away for them to send you a good-ol' fashioned get-well package. It was also hard not having my boyfriend around. I couldn’t even hug him. That was a hard one. For the past week while I was sick I was sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating… and that’s really about it. So there isn’t really much to report on. I had a few classes, but it was reading week for Italian so I really didn’t have much that I had to do. (It was pretty much perfect timing for being sick.) Today, I finally went out and got some stuff done. One thing being… I finally conquered my fear of the British Post Office! Now I can almost see my readers rolling their eyes as they read this, but I had a real fear of the post office. I attempted for the first time to buy stamps about a month ago… I walked in, saw the people everywhere, the complicated lines and quickly ran back out the door. It was all just like one huge panic attack to me. I got away with avoiding the Post Office for a while. Ben sold stamps to me so I was able to send a few postcards and a letter and rest easy for a while. I happened upon something though about a month ago that I wanted so badly to send to Oket. I was just so excited about this gift, but I couldn’t get the nerve to go to the Post Office and send it off though. I kept telling him that I had a gift, kept giving him clues.. but all that gets old pretty quick. So after a month of holding on to his gift.. I finally sent it off today! Haha Today when I got to the Post Office the lady first directed me to the machines. I found this kind of cool. I could send my package off without even having to go up to the desk! I chose my options, weighed my package. I had everything ready to go and just had to pay. Then, lucky me, my card wouldn’t work and the machine wouldn’t take cash. I tried it about five times before I just gave up and walked back to the lady to get my ticket. It took a while. The Post Office was hopping, but my ticket finally got called. I walked up to the desk and I did it. J I sent my first package… probably ever. I also bought a bunch of stamps and sent off four more postcards. I now realize how foolish I was. The Post Office is definitely nothing to get worked up about. It’s actually really easy to use. Silly me. Well cheers ladies and gents

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