Wollaton Hall

Today we got the opportunity to go to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. This is a hall that is actually very close to the flat and yet I had no idea that it existed until about a week ago! Wollaton Hall itself is a Natural History Museum of sort that contains all kinds of stuffed animals. It was quite interesting especially when taking in to account that the people who lived there started the collection. All I could think about when wandering through was how creepy it would be to have all of those dead animals hanging on the walls in my house. I would feel really uncomfortable and woulddefinitely have some bad dreams if I lived there. I was with Sarah and Chelsey, so we sort of quickly scanned the rooms and completely skipped over the bug room before deciding it was time to get out of there. Truthfully, the inside of Wollaton Hall was so much less exciting than the grounds surrounding it. On the land surrounding Wollaton Hall there was a lot of open space, a garden, a little lake, a golf course and a deer park. We had a lot a ton of fun just walking around the grounds enjoying all there was to see. We spent a good chunk of time walking around the little lake taking photos of the birds and enjoying the carefree atmosphere. Then we walked back to the hall to meet up with Ben. The four of us sat on a bench for a while until we realized that one of the deer was wandering around amongst bystanders at the bottom of the hill. We couldn’t resist.We had to go down and get a better look. We spent a good amount of time carefully approaching the deer who after a considerable amount of mooing decided to just lie down and take a nap. We definitely got some sweet photos. J We met back up with Professor Johns very much satisfied with a fun day spent at the park and road back to the flat, back to the world of papers, homework and stress. Ha Well that’s all for Wollaton Hall, Cheers ladies and gents

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