Kedleston Hall

Today I was fortunate enough to get to tag along to see Kedleston Hall outside of Derby. Mark and Mary, our leaders (and parents) this year for the Nottingham program, take day trips to interesting places around the area on the weekends and let three of us go along with them since they have the extra spotsin their car. So far they’ve gone on twoother trips, which I didn’t end up going on. The way it works is that they leave out a sign up sheet and it’s just first come, first serve. This time I managed to get my name down for one along with Sarah and Chelsey! J We went in to get our tickets and because I was the only one along that hadn’t been on a trip yet I became a member of the National Trust. It was a very quick process and definitely worth it! I can’t wait to use it to see more interesting places in the UK!We left at 12:30 this afternoon and drove the short drive to Derby. It still kind of freaks me out to be driving on the wrong side of the rode though. On arrival to Kedleston Hall the first thing to really grab my attention were all of the sheep everywhere! It was just so cool! Kedleston Hall was built for Sir Nathaniel Curzon in 1765 by the architect Robert Adam. It wasn’t even made for people to live in, but rather for people to walk through much as we did today. Everything in it is very extravagant and made for show and entertainment. There were many breathtaking pieces of art and interesting styles of architecture. It was a lot of fun looking around it! The Hall was also featured in the movie “The Duchess,” a movie that I’ve actually seen! After looking through the Hall we took time to walk around, chase sheep and enjoy the lovely weather that we were fortunate to have! Cheers ladies and gents

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