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It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged on the various happenings in England. In my defense, what was once exciting and thrilling has wound down into simple, everyday life. I get up, I go to school (Monday-Thursday), I spend hours in the library doing homework, and I come home for dinner, hang out at the flat, go to bed and well repeat. Life in England has become exactly that… Life. This is not to say that my life here isn’t interesting. I would never dare say that. I’ve definitely had my struggles here, but I’m slowly just getting used to the average pace of things. For this reason, this blog post is going to be mostly observations, funny stories and simple insights into what it is really like to be apart of Luther’s Nottingham program. Flat life really adds a whole new dynamic to the college experience. Besides learning in classes, and out around the town, we are now expected to cook, clean and do our share around the house. It’s all about living in this little community that Luther has so kindly set up for us. For some of us this is easy, but for others… well let’s just say we’re learning. My struggle has definitely been in the cooking department. I’ve never really cared much for the kitchen; in fact, I’ve always sort of had a rushing feeling of anxiety on entering any kitchen. I just have never enjoyed cooking and so have chosen to avoid that dreadful place and all of its various instruments of torture. So far I’ve had to cook twice in the flat. The first time I told Noah to just take control and tell me what to do. It worked out okay… except I ended up quite stressed out with the ‘no plan, let’s wing it’ attitude that he holds in the kitchen.The vegetables were great, but we were half an hour late for dinner and the rice resembled rice pudding more than anything. So the second time around I decided to buckle down and just take a more active role in our dinner plans. I chose to make a recipe of my mom’s called “Snobby Joes” which are in the simplest sense just vegetarian Sloppy Joes (lentil beans instead of meat). I managed to get the ingredients all written down and Noah offered to take over side dishes. When Wednesday rolled around we got started on the meal an hour and a half before and, drum roll please, managed to get everything done by 2 minutes after 6pm! BOOM! This was sadly after I had an emotional time cutting onions, (seriously Ben had to take over for a bit because the tears would just not stop coming. Bless his heart. Haha), as well as a bit of a rush to the finish. The kitchen was a bit chaotic, but in the end we succeeded in making what I think was a pretty yummy dinner for the flat. Along the note of dinner, I also went to the Green Grocer on Wednesday with Michelle in order to get vegetables and fruit for Noah to prepare. We set out with a nice big bag and a cheerful attitude, but man oh man did that trip stress me out. First off, my incompetence in the kitchen is easily discovered on my entry into any food store because I don’t know what anything is. The Green Grocer led me around his shop telling me what every fruit and vegetable was and the ‘simple’ way I could incorporate them in a meal. All he met from my side was a blank stare and a constant “Wait, what? What does that mean?” At one point he grabbed a can of baked beans from the shelf behind check-out desk and said “Here, this and toast. You can do that. That’s your meal.” I felt quite embarrassed after that one, but we all had a great laugh. In the end I walked out happily with a pineapple, 2 mangos, 2 melons, a box of grapes and a bunch of radishes. I was happy and he was definitely happy. Within the flat there has been A LOT of baking going on. We've had cookies, banana bread, cinnamon bread, all kinds of delicious sweets. The other night after cooking I still felt like doing something in the kitchen and so I helped Elliott make a batch of cookies. Neither of us really have any idea what we're doing in the kitchen. I ended up messing it up at one point, he ended up making a mess of the kitchen, but in the end we got some pretty darn, good cookies. Living in the flat means that we really have a lot of time together to just hang out.Over the past week we’ve watched a lot of movies and had a lot of popcorn, but we’ve also had one attempt at going clubbing, and had a lot of good, quality football fun in the backyard. Last weekend the girls (there are 8 of us) decided we were going to go dancing. Sounds great, right? Well, let’s just say our group this year isn’t all that much in to that scene. We had a great time dressing up and hanging out in the flat. We got on the buses shortly after 10pm and rode down to where the club was that we wanted to go to. We walked past lots of people, a Burger King and quite a few pubs up to the club… then we saw the line to get in, turned around, and decided that all we really wanted out of our evening was Burger King fries and our warm beds. We were back on the bus pretty soon after that, delicious fries in our stomachs and nice, warm beds calling our names. So maybe we didn’t have an epic night of going out on the town, but we did come back with a great story that I’m sure we won’t forgive. “Remember when we tried to go clubbing?” Haha. Until next time, cheers ladies and gents

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