Finals Week - No Big Deal

I would just like to relieve the pre-college world that finals week in college is not all that bad after all! Perhaps I have a more manageable load than some - a 15 page paper and studying for major finals (Paideia, Spanish and Psychology) - but I'm finding these days to be just as jam-packed as any ordinary day at college. Plus, Luther makes these days easier by not holding classes, rehearsals or lessons, AND they host stress-relieving activities to help break up your study time! Today they brought in puppies for us to pet -- it was so satisfying. You forget how little you see dogs when you're on a college campus! (That along with cats and babies.) Tomorrow I am singing at Juries, which is basically finals for your voice class to see how far you've progressed, and I have the entire rest of the day to study! In fact, these days are unbelievably free, to my pleasant surprise. So no need to stress about finals, especially here. I'm not advertising when I say Luther is a place that challenges you but that at the same time is willing to help you out along the way. They only want to watch you succeed here! So welcome challenge with open arms and know that you're not alone. That's what this wonderful place has taught me...

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