Christmas at Luther

After a relaxing break back at home, little did I know - but Christmas at Luther (our yearly choral Christmas show) was about to take over my life. Now don't get me wrong - this is in no way a complaint. There is nothing I love more than singing ensemble music and working together as a team to create something magical and memorable that others will marvel at. However this week didn't allow for a second of free time. When I wasn't rehearsing, I was doing homework, in class, or shoveling food into my mouth. But it was a wonderful kind of busy! And a large percentage of students were going through it with me. Thursday night, the lights came up, our faces lit up at the sight of the large, friendly audience which we were about to surprise with our shimmering chords and exciting dynamics. However, it being our first performance, everyone was a bit tense and nervous. Thankfully, we had four more chances to make it right! Saturday night at 6:30 we walked onto our risers -- I smiled at my parents, who came all the way from New Jersey to see this impressive extravaganza, and were waving at me in the front row. It came time for our freshman women's ensemble, Aurora, to sing "O Lux Beatisima," and our perfectly arched phrases sparkled and resonated throughout the entire hall. I spotted my parents tearing up. After the show, my mom told me how absolutely amazed she was that so many people could adore making music together, that they did not strive to stick out and be soloists but that they all had a drive to contribute to one beautiful, unified sound. This sound is very hard to accomplish - but the talented musicians at Luther do it effortlessly. As I stood on stage for the second time last night, I thought, "I am so glad I found a place where there are people like me - a place where everyone wants to sing and create these magical musical moments - Luther could not have been a better fit."

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