Jersey Bound for the First Time!

I think it is safe to say that I have never needed a break more than the recent of arrival of our Thanksgiving break. For the first time, I was really starting to feel swamped by assignments, presentations and essays -- I felt more stressed than ever before. Also, having not been home yet, a family visit was desperately due. After an 8 hour process of driving and flying, mom and dad's hugs felt more comforting than ever. I came home to a new kitchen and a taller brother -- 'everything is changing at this rapid rate, and I'm missing it all', I thought. But at the same time, I'm experiencing so many important, enlightening changes in life and friendship and my interests that I realize the importance of being at college and learning how to cope with those adjustments. Considering it was such a short break, I managed to cram in a lot of activities! I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with my cousins and godparents, I somehow squeezed in three very important shopping trips, a party with friends, an ultimate frisbee game, a day at the museum, a nice lunch at an Asian restaurant, and extra time for spending with family and doing homework. I would not call it a restful break, but I certainly got to do a lot of fun things and see lots of great people. As I write to you on the airplane I am not saddened by the thought of leaving home. Just in this short time, I already miss my friends and teammates and Luther's beautiful campus. Not only that, but my parents will be coming to visit in just a few days to see me perform in Christmas at Luther. All I have to do now is survive finals and Christmas will be here in no time!

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