Fast Times at Luther College

As my Scholars Colloquium prof Nick Preus, yes he does have the same name as the library, said when we returned from fall break “from now until Thanksgiving… it’s gonna be a long hall.” For about a week and a half or so I thought he was over exaggerating, but soon enough I learned he was right. For about the last week or so every single person, more specifically freshman, on campus has been swamped with work. Over the past two weeks I will have had three tests and two papers due, not to mention two swim meets and two mass choir rehearsals. The stretch from fall break to Thanksgiving is crazy. But, I only have three classes and a choir rehearsal left until I have survived.

Also, along with all the school work registration takes place. Registration is so intense! For example… I thought I registered on Thursday November 17 at 7:30 pm, well it turns out I registered an hour later. So, I sat for an hour waiting and watching all of the spots in my classes fill up. Come about 8:15 and all my classes are full, meaning I cannot take anything I want next semester. I am now franticly emailing my academic advisor telling him nothing is full. Finally 8:30 rolls around and by some grace of God one spot in all of my classes open up, as if the professor was waiting for me. But, there is a problem. My Spanish class is at the same time as my Scholars Colloquium class, meaning I cannot register for both. Luckily, my advisor was in Ylvi, so I ran across campus to talk to him. Thankfully he is one of the smartest at Luther and he quickly fixed the issue. Needless to say registration night was full of excitement and stress, only making the time between fall break and Thanksgiving that more intense.

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