November 20, 2011

This week before Thanksgiving Break couldn’t be going any slower, readers, probably due to the multiple countdowns I have going in my head. The sad part is, they all lead to the same day, just with different forms of measurement. Sure, there’s approximately 2 days or 44 hours before I leave on the shuttle, but there’s also four classes, two assignments to complete, and one symphony rehearsal. All these countdowns lead to one thing: A break spent with my family! This is a difficult feeling, though, because all my roommates and I agree that we love it here at Luther, but we need a break from the constant work that defines college. In fact, we will probably watch Finding Nemo tonight, simply because in the movie he gets to go home!

    Another countdown includes Christmas at Luther: 11 days. As slow as time might feel now, I know Christmas at Luther week will probably slip right through my fingers if I’m not careful. With rehearsals every night starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and five performances starting that Thursday, it’s no small time commitment, but completely worth it. Collaboration with other directors and groups in the music department will no doubt create an outstanding performance.

    After that crazy time, there’s only one week until final exams! As much as I complained about how slow this week seemed, the semester as a whole couldn’t have gone any faster. Navigating a path of constant work, play and conversation, college days fill your life to the brim. I suppose this is why they call college, “The time of your life.”

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