Nationals and Staying Busy

Well where do I begin? I realize that I forgot to blog last week but I take it with the amount of things I had to do and still have to do I will give myself a break for once. These past couple weeks have been crazy with tests, homework, internship applications, and extra curricular activities. I am currently in the process of applying and interviewing with companies, businesses, organizations and corporations in Washington D.C. So far I have interviewed with C-SPAN, which is the public broadcasting company that broadcasts a lot of government TV. Also, I have interviewed with Meridian International Center, which is a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on International Education and Awareness. Both opportunities sound like great experiences and I am hoping I get at least one of them back. I am also looking forward to hearing back from some other places as well. So far I have applied at the United States Trade Reserve, The International Trade Center, The Verizon Center, Susan Davis International, and the United States Chamber of Commerce. In other news, Luther has been pretty busy as well these past couple weeks. As of today, the Women’s Cross Country team qualified for Nationals. The race is this coming Saturday in Oshkosh Wisconsin. I am hoping some friends and I can make it out that way. The Men’s Soccer team advanced to the round of 16 in the National Tournament as well today when they beat St. Olaf. It was an awesome game to watch and really makes me proud to be a Norse. We have such a strong community here that there were tons of fans at the game tonight and it was a lot of fun to go out and see the guys play. I am anxiously waiting for Thanksgiving Break as it approaches. I got a cold this past week and it has really been affecting my sleep. I was up all night coughing, which caused me to be very exhausted throughout the week. I still have a little cold so I am definitely looking forward to head home and have some home cooked meals and get some much needed rest and relaxation before the final stretch of the semester. It’s time to get back to the homework now. I hope everyone has a great week. Mario

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