November 7, 2011

My life has slowed down considerably since the last time I’ve written, though not for long. After a crazy amount of travel during and after Fall Break, I returned from Madison ready for a routine again, which will be guaranteed at least until Christmas at Luther time. Yes, I am talking Christmas already when my last post included details of my Halloween costume. That is exactly how fast life moves in college.

Some long term projects have begun in my classes, like I mentioned last time, and I’m intrigued by all of them. I’m sure these will culminate in a fair amount of stress for the end of the semester, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, I’ll just keep chipping away at the many components to each of them. The next few weeks will include big events in my music studies, including a few pieces ready to perform in seminar, and a Symphony Orchestra Fall Concert on November 13th. Side note: This concert will probably be streamed live on Luther’s website, and you should all tune in!

Anyway, in other music news, for my music minor, it is a requirement to attend 12 recitals a semester. I have 9 so far, four of these I have attended in the last week! Many junior and senior recitals are being given this month, which I find to be the most entertaining way to meet this requirement. I learn just as much hearing my peers perform as I do my professors or other professionals and it’s encouraging to see all the students that turn out to support their friends. Only three left to attend, and the countdown on my room wall says 15 days until Thanksgiving break. Can I finish this requirement before then? Easy-peezy when you have so many good choices at Luther.

Wishing you a comforting routine, readers, as you approach the hectic holidays!

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