Luther Ultimate Home Tournament!

This morning, I excitedly arose to the darkness outside my window. I hopped out of bed enthusiastically at the thought of getting to play ultimate Frisbee all day! I bundled up and headed to the Caf to get some food in my stomach, then jogged anxiously down to the fields. We all put on our cleats and warmed up as the sun rose, blinding us with its sharp rays. All of our drills looked precise, athletic, in time. I could not wait to see us apply this extraordinary talent in a game! The first team we faced was Gustavus. We lost the first two points, but with some fresh legs, we were able to score on them, and quickly took half time at a score of 8-6. But something caused us to lose our momentum. Our players were tired and their players were just starting to catch a second wind. They got away with long hail-Mary throws. But we managed to find our energy and bring the score to 9-9. We had one more point and it was game. We ran onto the field, hearts pounding from the nerves. We tried to keep our calm and not make silly throws. We found ourselves inches away from the end zone about five times, but never were able to complete the point. After a hard-fought battle, Gustavus won the game with a close pass right on the end zone line. Still proud of what we had accomplished, we lined up to say “good game” and congratulate one other – as ultimate is renowned for its good spirit! The other two games (UNI and Grinnell), Freya Luther Ultimate won with flying colors! I cannot wait to see where this team is by the end of the year!

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