Humans vs Zombies

So, for the past three years Luther College has played a campus wide game of Humans vs. Zombies. Most people have no idea what this game is or how it is played. It is basically one big simulated zombie infestation. All players must wear a red band signifying they are a part of the game. If someone is a human they wear the band around their arm, while the zombies wear the bands around their heads. On the first day there is only one zombie, and this zombie is unmarked and can therefore sneak up on any human. This creates a lot of fear among those playing the game. The human’s only defense against the zombies is socks. Yes, socks. If a zombie is hit by a sock that zombie is stunned for 10 minutes. When stunned the zombie must wear the red band around the neck, and is unable to infect any humans. As someone who was not playing (I would have, and wanted to, but I missed the sign up meetings) this game is hysterical! On the very first day you will see students running from building to building, walking around with socks hanging out of their pants, and always looking around. People even draw up maps to find the most indirect ways to get to class. After the freshman choir rehearsals are over there is a heard of zombies outside of the music building, just waiting to pick off some freshman “humans.” Every so often you will get to witness a chance, where multiple zombies are going after one human, and that one human runs aimlessly towards a building. Oh, I forgot to mention that the safe zones are when the humans are inside a building or within ten feet of a building. Overall, the game is super fun whether you are playing it or if you are just watching it. The game last for one week, and it is played at all hours, the humans are never safe, but tonight marks the final night, where the surviving humans must make their way to a secret location to be “saved.” The only thing standing in their way is copious amounts of zombies, it will be interesting to see who survives and who parishes in the attempt.

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