Fall Break

The things I learned over fall break…

So fall break was really nice! Obviously. Most people left right after class on Friday, but because of swimming I left Saturday morning. The swim team had a 12 hour practice, from 6pm to 6am, which was actually really fun and naturally very tiring. When most students left for break they packed a bunch of dirty close and some school work. A perk about going home for break is you don’t have to pay for laundry and if you’re lucky you won’t even have to do it yourself. As far as the school work goes, most people don’t get any of it done. I was one of those people. I brought home my psych book in hopes of reading a few chapters, but I never even opened the book. I also had to write a rough draft for a paper but certainly did not work on that, which really bit me in the butt when I had to write nearly a whole paper the night before the draft was due. The reason nothing got done over break was because every freshman assumes that once they go on break there is nothing to do, the whole world stops. This will be true for Christmas Break and January Break but all of the other breaks there will be stuff to do, unfortunately. And since us freshman don’t think we have to do any work we will sleep for hours and hours and then go see friends who are still in high school. And if you do go back and visit your old school, which I did, you will be there for a long time. It seems like every teacher you have ever had will want to talk to you, and you will end up talking to the teachers you really liked for a really long time. Hopefully when Thanksgiving Break rolls around I will be knowledgeable enough to know that I will need to do some homework over break. And hopefully I won’t be so lazy that I forget to write a blog post, I apologize to all of my avid fans, if you exist.

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