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I’m back at Luther and am slowly rewinding from all of the travelling that took place this weekend. I flew from Dallas to Milwaukee then from Milwaukee to Minneapolis. From there I drove from Minneapolis to Decorah. All in all it took me around 14 hours to travel back to Luther. It was exhausting but the experience was very worth it. I was able to network, learn more about entrepreneurship and experience a little part of Texas. Now I am back at Luther sitting in Sampson working on some homework. It’s hard to believe that the semester is halfway over. Where has the time gone? I am in the middle of applying for tons of different internships for my semester in Washington D.C. and for next summer. The applications are getting draining and I can’t tell you how many cover letters I have written. I am hoping I get some callbacks for interviews because that would definitely lift some weight off my shoulders. So far I have interviewed with C-SPAN for D.C. and I have an interview with Securian Financial Group tomorrow afternoon on Campus. Wish me luck! I definitely just want to secure an internship so I can relax a little bit. I received an A on my communications midterm so all of my hard work and studying definitely paid off. I was very pleased with my score so I am feeling pretty confident with that class. It’s definitely a great feeling knowing that you’re doing well in a class rather than struggling. Right now I am most looking forward to Thanksgiving Break. I felt like Fall Break wasn’t a real break for me. I spent my time at home working and then the rest of it travelling and attending speakers. I am hoping the next break will be much more relaxing and I will have some time to just take it easy for a bit. But for now, I have to keep chugging along and finish up some homework before the weekly grind starts. Hope everyone has a great week! Mario

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