What a Weekend

After a hard week of work and tests and presentations, I could not be more excited about the weekend's arrival! I indulged myself by celebrating both nights. The first night, I went out with the ultimate team (dressed in my sailor garb) and we all strutted our fabulous costumes to Club Pyramid. The black lights and music lured us into a frenzy of dancing and singing. I haven't had that much fun in some time... Saturday was filled with homework and practicing, and just around the bend was round two! This time I dressed as an Indian and headed over to Deiseth with a different crew of friends. Roscoe's (the downtown bar) was more full than I've ever seen it, but we still managed to have fun. This weekend I realized just how many different kinds of friends you can have at Luther: frisbee friends, music friends, hipster friends, international friends...And just how reassuring it is to go to the Caf for instance and know that you will find a familiar face to sit next to. And for those of you who thought the little town of Decorah didn't have a little nightlife goin' on...you are sadly mistaken!

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