October 28, 2011

Greetings, readers, on this most wonderful of Fridays, my 20th birthday! I have to say that turning 20 is much more exciting than turning 19, seeing as I can say that I’m not a teenager anymore. Two whole decades of life, quite the milestone! Anyway, since I’ve last written, I have survived midterms, recovered over Fall Break in Minneapolis and am traveling this weekend to my roomate’s home in Madison to celebrate both my birthday and Halloween. I know, sounds busy, right? I have to admit, though, I’d be a little antsy if I wasn’t this busy.

    Midterm week hit me hard with tests, papers, quizzes, presentations and music hearings. Completing any two of those each day for 4 days straight, it’s safe to say I was ready for Fall Break. I’m happy with the outcomes on most everything, but I would have achieved more if I didn’t have so many of them! Surprisingly, my best score was on my Ear Training Aural Hearing, where I had to sing in front of my professor. Singing is not my forte, and I definitely conquered one of my fears that day! Now it’s back to a regular homework schedule, much more manageable. I’m starting an extended research project in my Mass Media class, and my topic will be somewhere along the lines of World War I propaganda, pretty interesting stuff. I’m getting to the point of memorization in my piano pieces, which means I’m that much closer to performing them. We are moving on to the persuasive speech technique in my Public Address class, and I’m happy to say I’m getting more comfortable each time I have the floor. Music Theory continues to be my favorite course, though it’s in close competition with my newly acquired Pilates class. See what I meant about busy?

    Fall Break was spent at my roomate’s house in Minneapolis, where we were definitely pampered. Plenty of sleep and good food is pretty much all a college kid needs on break, but we had so much more fun than that, including multiple shopping excursions. We’ve only been back at Luther for about 48 hours before we drive to Madison today, where we will party at Freak Fest. My roommates are dressing up as the Queen of Hearts, Amelia Earhart, and a picnic table. Yes, a picnic table, there is no lack of creativity in our room! I will be a jester, and it’s sure to be a great time. Maybe we will actually get a normal schedule back after this weekend!

    I guess that’s all folks. I hope your Friday is as great as mine and enjoy all the Halloween candy while you can!

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