A Desolate Yet Soothing Fall Break at Luther

You'd think that being one of the few to stay on campus during fall break would be lonely and sad. But I have found it to be rather the opposite so far. Sure, library lawn is no longer sprinkled with its usual pauses stopping to chat, the Caf is no longer filled with countless familiar faces, most of my friends have gone home. But I have a wealth of international students and friends in my situation (for whom home is New Jersey) to keep me company. First of all, us geographically-diverse students get to experience the simple pleasures of an empty dorm: never having to wait for the shower, no more sharing of sinks at 11 PM, peace and quiet in the morning, yet the freedom to blast music whenever we please! But best of all, the cafeteria food improves immensely. Yesterday we were served ham, potato casserole and a risotto dish, all arduously cooked and prepared for the few who remained. (The quality simply can't be as good when you're cooking for over 2,000 people every day.) This period of time also gives me the opportunity to get to know the few people who are here on a higher level. The greatest part is that most of them are not American, but Indian, Spanish, Cambodian, South African, you name it - and they can enlighten me with their language and culture! This morning I ate with a Norwegian boy and another student from Zimbabwe. Little did I know I would be cultured just by staying on campus! So for all of you who are struggling to decide if Luther is the place for you because of the distance-factor, don't get hung up on that one element. There are lots of pluses to staying on campus during small breaks like these, and it makes an unbelievably relaxing vacation for those who don't want to fly back home only to spend a few days with their family. Tomorrow, my friends and I plan on going for a bike ride through Decorah. Then we will head over to the rock-climbing wall on campus. It is supposed to be 67 degrees and sunny. It is going to be perhaps the most delightful Monday I've ever experienced on campus...I can't wait!

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