Thesis Paper: My Latest Enemy...Writing Blogs: My Latest Friend

I suppose it's obvious to say that I've always loved writing -- if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have taken a job BLOGGING! Because it is such a joy to me, I have always done well on papers and writing assignments. But ever since college and the existence of the thesis paper, I am no longer the student who sits at her desk and types effortlessly away at her Jane Eyre essay. I have become the student who wastes hours in front of the computer trying to force out something, ANYTHING that fits the credentials. Now we've all been there - but I've never gotten stuck on EVERY line of EVERY paper. The thought of fighting against this tedious struggle for the next four years discouraged me greatly, until I became reasonable enough to make myself feel better about it. First of all, I am by no means a 'thesis-paper writer'. I have little experience with constructing arguable, succinct arguments and fleshing them out into strong supporting evidence. This is not writing to me! This is about taking carefully chosen words and fitting them into mathematical passages which 'follow the structure'. As someone who enjoys embellishing her essays in detail, I have trouble constraining my writing to this 'system'. I boldly object to the thesis paper, and all those responsible for creating it. I'm sure I have other supporters in this college 'battle'. I know that when I am sitting in front of my computer screen, stuck on a line, or having lost my train of thought, that everyone else in PAIDEIA is struggling through the same paper (or worse - stalking people on facebook instead). So thank you, Blog, for providing me with a space to vent out all my college struggles. Now I can find my composure and set out to improve. To be honest, this is a good challenge for me. I look forward to seeing where my writing goes, and I will let you know when it improves! My past few papers have looked a little ugly, but they can only get better from here!

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