Homecoming Week!

Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay in posting this week. It’s been pretty busy. My time management skills are lacking and I am finally getting around to blogging.

This week is Homecoming week at Luther and there is a ton of things going on around campus. For starters, on Monday there was Open Mic Night in Marty’s (which is like a grill/coffee shop on campus). It was pretty cool to see all of the talent that is on Luther’s campus and there were some really great acts. Tonight is promo night in the Caf and it’s turning out to be a huge success. Every year the Homecoming Committee on the Student Activities Council gets some kind of Luther gift to give to students. Two years ago it was Luther water bottles and last year there were Luther Sunglasses. This year we decided to get Luther Snapback hats. They are a HUGE success. Everyone is already wearing them and I am only hearing good things about them. On Friday night I am working the Founders Day Dinner and I am not quite sure what I will be doing but I know I will be working it. After that SAC is selling popcorn for the fireworks show that is going to happen at around 10 o clock on Friday. On Saturday morning we have the homecoming parade and the football game. I am pretty excited for this because a ton of alumni will be back on campus and it’s nice to see all the Luther pride that we have on campus. Finally on Sunday my parents are coming to visit for the first time this year. I haven’t seen them since August when I left so I am definitely looking forward to their visit. I am hoping they take me to Wal-mart to get some things even though I’ll be home on Friday for fall break. It will be nice seeing them and they always enjoy coming down to campus once in awhile.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather. I know I am. Have a great weekend! Mario

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