Homecoming and lots of stuff

I honestly don’t think anything exciting happened last week, and by exciting I mean crazy because every day here in the 52101 (Decorah’s zip code) is exciting; especially when you are on campus. This week is going to be crazy though! It is homecoming week, which I would assume is normally pretty “normal,” but it is also the sesquicentennial, the 150th year of the college, which means there are a lot of celebrations. And if I am correct I think the king and queen of Norway are going to be here on Thursday. Then Friday is Founders Day, which is the anniversary of the founding of Luther College, and because of that there is a huge chapel service, where five choirs are singing. Later that night there is a massive banquet for important alumni, apparently nearly 800 people will be there, and the freshman men’s choir, Norsemen, is going to serve and sing at the dinner. Saturday is actually Homecoming, but on top of those festivities it is the swim team’s alumni weekend, meaning there is a meet where the current team swims against the alumni. There is probably some sort of reunion party afterwards, and then later that night there is the Flamingo Ball, which is the Homecoming dance. Why it is called the “Flamingo Ball” I have no idea, in fact I have heard very little information about it, although I do have a cup with some info about the dance on it, and it changes colors when something cold is put in it, so that’s cool. And on top of all the fun stuff going on this week… I have two tests and a paper due, woop woop!  It still should be a pretty fun/crazy/busy/enjoyable/gnarly week.

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