October 9, 2011

Believe it or not, I’m writing to you from Bentdahl Commons here on campus, where it’s a toasty 85 degrees. No, I did not get those digits reversed. It’s been unseasonably warm here all week, and I’ve heard both complaints and praise about the weather. Some students have wanted “sweater weather,” whereas others have been soaking up some rare Vitamin D. I fall into both those categories. I’m ready for weather that calls for cuddling up in a blanket with some hot cocoa, but I know that sometime around January or February, I will be dreaming about this weather, so for now, I’m content.

    While all this beautiful weather graced us with it’s presence this week, I attended a few more concerts. Surprising, I know. Wednesday evening, Luther hosted Dr. Tony Arnone, cello professor at the University of Iowa. He performed a concert that included works by Chopin and Beethoven and even a modern work (not my favorite musical era). It was flawless, as to be expected. As part of the Center Stage Series that Luther’s Performing Arts Committee organizes, The Rose Ensemble was on campus for the day. They are a singing group dedicated to the education and performance of Medieval and Renaissance repertoire. The pure beauty of sound they produced was incomparable to anything I’ve heard, and the accompanists playing Medieval instruments were outstanding. However, the concert was a little lengthy (about two hours) and my attention span for that genre of music isn’t that great, though their musicianship was appreciated.


Other activities over the weekend included a trip to Seed Savers Exchange for their Harvest Festival. We got to pick apples (my favorite!), have soup and apple tastings, and I even bought a gourd. Later, I went rollerskating with my friends for Luther’s “Skating Through the Decades,” organized by Larsen and Olson Halls’ Residence Life staff. My friends and I dressed up in different outfits from different decades for the occasion and I’m happy to say I only fell once, and there were no injuries incurred, unless you count a few to my ego.

    Academics-wise, this week was like any other. Go to class, complete the homework. I do love my classes, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that school is school is school: You know how it works. This coming week will be a different story, though, because it will be the start of Midterm exams. It’s two weeks until Fall Break (!) and that means quiz time, or if you are my Public Address professor, it’s “quizzy-poo” time. It was his effort at making Midterms not seem that daunting. Haha. Ha. Ha. Nope, still going to be a ton of work. On the bright side, the King and Queen of Norway are coming to campus, so stay tuned for an update on the crazy week ahead!

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