Peak Leaf Season

"PEAK LEAF SEASON, EVERYONE" said the hilarious and talented Dr. Sandra Peter to our choir yesterday. We all giggled at her silliness, but she was absolutely right! There hasn't been a day this week when I haven't been excited to wake up and go to class, to see friends, to play hard at practice. The sun streams through my window and gently kisses my face, summoning me to begin the day. The temperature has not scooped lower than 60 degrees all week. I, the busy-bodied city girl, have fallen in love with this fresh-aired starry-skied place. The people here never cease to befriend me and its natural beauty never ceases to astound me. To top off the beautiful weather, I haven't even been bogged down with work this week! My second class on Thursday was cancelled so I got to spend the day lying under a tree studying with friends and tossing the frisbee around with some teammates. Voice seminar was cancelled again (turning it into the miraculous day of cancellations) so my friends and I topped off the night with a very necessary trip to the Whippy Dip. It hasn't all been fine and dandy though! Last weekend was Parents Weekend and my parents (obviously) weren't able to make it all the way from New Jersey. With all of my friends out and enjoying their family time, I felt left out and lonely. I was even roommate-less on Saturday night! But I ate lunch with one of teammate's families; they fortunately approved of me, and quickly decided to 'adopt' me for the weekend. It turned into a very eventful weekend, filled with delicious meals at Maybe's and the Sugar Bowl and magical walks through Dunning's Springs. There will be weeks at Luther when you have practically nothing to complain about...this is absolutely one of them.

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