Family Weekend

This past weekend was Family Weekend, and it was really fun! Although my whole family could not come up my dad and grandma did; it was homecoming for my high school and my brother and sister went to the dance while my mom stayed home to do all the motherly things before the dance. Even though I would have loved to have them up here it was still a good weekend. A few perks to having family come up is obviously seeing the people you haven’t seen for about 5 weeks, but most likely they will also bring you food and other goodies. If you mention that you need something from the bookstore or Wal-Mart they will definitely be happy to buy it for you. And, if you have a chance to go downtown and shop a little, your parents will probably get you some sweet swag as well; for instance, I got a killer pair of wool Tibetan mittens. Since your family probably won’t want to eat Caf food there is a high probability you will eat downtown or at least get really good food. All that being said seeing your family is still the best part of the entire weekend!

In conjunction with Family Weekend last night Colbie Caillat was here and gave a super dope concert! It was the chilliest thing I have ever been to. The music was sweet and not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous! Every fall and spring Luther brings big names in for a concert which is so super cool.

And on a final side note… I got a free hair cut last night from Claire Whoisapirate, she is a boss at cutting hair! And if I say so myself I look pretty fresh.

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