October 2, 2011

I have to say, this week began rather dully and improved each day. The beginning of the week was gray, dreary and windy, ending in beautiful fall sunshine. The beginning of the week was busy, and got less stressful the more productive I became. The beginning of the week found me battling a cold, and by the end I felt renewed. Let’s discuss some highlights.

    Tuesday night found a packed CFL audience singing, “It is Well with My Soul,” with none other than Garrison Keillor. Why yes, this little Midwest town welcomed one of its icons with open arms as he told stories in a special show for Luther’s Sesquicentennial, “The Aura of Flora in Decorah.” I found it to be very inspiring, the only drawback being the woman sitting next to me awkwardly trying to avoid my cold symptoms. I was being discreet, I swear! My roommate and I attended a lecture on Thursday evening hosted by a Luther history faculty professor about Islamophobia, including it’s definition, history and examples of it in the world today. The juxtaposition of such different but important learning experiences in one week made for a wonderful week.

    Friday found the campus preparing for Parents’ Weekend. Although my own parents couldn’t make it, my other roommates’ parents visited and it was fun to have a taste of home through them. Events over the weekend included a few meals out, sand volleyball with some friends and a Concert Band concert. Sunday morning brought a beautiful church service, including an offering anthem by the Nordic Choir. The CFL was packed with parents who appreciate Luther’s ELCA values, and it was wonderful to worship with such a large Luther community. The end of parents’ weekend finds the Luther campus anxiously awaiting the Colbie Caillat concert tonight. Luther brings in two popular bands or performances a year, and Colbie Caillat will be a highlight, I’m sure.

     As I wrap up this blog, my only regret is not enjoying the fall weather a little more. This week might be my chance!

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