The Lion King, a Bonding Thing!

Every month, Decorah's movie theatre is generous enough to host a free movie night for Luther students. I spent my entire day bummed about the fact that I couldn't go, rushing from one meeting to the next, scrambling in food in between, only to find that my voice teacher was sick! Seminar had been cancelled! My heart raced at the thought of being able to get out and doing something fun! (It has been a long week, with it's fair share of tests, presentations, club meetings, etc.) I was like a 5-year-old jumping for joy, just so I could see something as simple as The Lion King. I guess piles college work make you appreciate the child-like pleasures in life. So we dashed to the theatre excitedly, singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and all the other classics, trying to take our minds off the cold. We were smart enough to get there early and get a good spot in line! This gave us time to whip out the Paideia reading and preach Luther's ideals to one another while waiting. 15 pages and 2 twizzler bags later they let us in...just with the swipe of our ID cards! This seemed so backward and amiss to me - the idea that you didn't have to spend bucket loads of money when you go to the movie theatre. But I warmly embraced the unfamiliar sensation. We sat just where we wanted and put on our 3-D shades. I couldn't wait - I hadn't seen The Lion King since I was 10! The film began and we all clapped and cheered. The night proceeded in giggling, singing and standing ovations. The makers of Disney would have been utterly proud. Through all this ruckus, I could feel us getting closer as a community. It wasn't just a movie, it had become a Luther bonding fest! Luther students may break off into little groups and cliques, but the remarkable thing is that they're always accepting of others. Students here have a constant desire to meet other people. That is what makes this place so special!

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