Play by Play

Procrastination is a terrible terrible thing!

This will be my first play by play blog. Basically I am going to tell you about the super cool and random parts of my week, which should help to convey my love for Luther College. And on that note, you should all definitely come to visit the school, especially if you are in high school! And if you are in high school you can totally come and stay with me because my futon is super comfy and I am a student host so I am pretty legit. Any way… the beginning of the week was dominated by studying for my bio test, the first of the year. And for all of you who don’t know Bio 151 is one of the most intense classes you can take as a freshmen. There are about 200 plus kids in a lecture hall, by far the largest class at Luther, and it is kind of labeled as a weed-out class. To my knowledge that is the only class here that has that label. But I digress; my friends and I probably spent about 15 hours, over 4 days, studying for the test. And because of all our hard work we all destroyed that test!

The next day when after we were done celebrating our success on the test a friend of mine, Cole Puffer, had to take a shower. After said shower he returned to his room, where his roommate, a friend, and I were just chilling. He then proceeded to warn us about dropping his towel to change, when he dropped his towel we all heard two girls scream, extremely loud! When we turned to look out the window we saw there were eight girls who happened to be walking by and were looking at my friends really white, yet perfectly formed butt… HA! It was possibly one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.

Finally to wrap up the week in Paideia, a class almost every freshman cannot stand, we watched a Pink Floyd music video. We then proceeded to talk about the video for the rest of class. Only at Luther College could you analyze a Pink Floyd music video for an entire class period… freaking awesome!

Also Cole Puffer just received an email saying he made LUFDA!!!! The top ultimate team here at Luther, they got eleventh at the national ultimate tournament last year, which is amazing considering they were competing with Division 1 schools, ten times their size. Congrats to my boys Puff, Gus and Brandon! They are definitely Good Guys To Know!!!

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