September 25, 2011

The first test week has come and gone once again, and I survived unscathed. As first units are ending, most of my classes had their first tests and/or papers this week. Monday came with a speech in my Public Address class. My speech focused on my hometown, including it’s history of apples and the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. Afterwards, my class was allowed to make comments and suggestions, and all seemed to enjoy my unique topic. Tuesday included both Ear Training and French tests, my hardest tasks of the week. Though I studied, this first test week is always daunting, and I didn’t perform as well as I’d hoped. Wednesday I was back on top with my Music Theory quizzes, though, leaving me feeling confident to complete my first French paper.


By Friday, I was thankful for a light schedule that only included a piano lesson and Music Theory, as my Public Address class was cancelled. Another lift to the end of my week included the introduction of Starbucks Coffee to the Luther campus. Although Luther served Fair Trade coffee before, it switched to Starbucks because they are the leading company in promoting organic coffee. I’m a West Coast girl with no complaints to this change whatsoever.

    My weekend included some great music, both in movies and live concerts. Believe it or not, Decorah’s itty bitty Viking Theatre is awesome enough to have Lion King 3D. Not wanting to pass up a classic opportunity, my roommates and I relived our childhood. Fortunately enough, all fifteen people in the audience were Luther students who harmonized beautifully with us to all the songs. Saturday included two recitals, one junior recital, including a pianist and violinist, and the other a faculty recital. For anyone aspiring to be a music major or minor, recital attendance is part of your requirements. Music minor students must attend 12 recitals per semester for two semesters, so I have two completed already! The faculty recital featured violin teacher Tarn Travers, along with my piano teacher, Miko Kominami, and her husband, Eric Kutz on cello. The music was divine, as to be expected.

    As I finish relating my busy week to you, I’m sniffling a bit, as the cold going around campus seems to have caught up with me. I’m trying to stop it in it’s tracks with sleep, medicine and tea, so hopefully by the next time I write, I will be 100% again. Have a great week, go learn something new!

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