Decorah is Delightful

It was a Friday night at Luther College. Instead of hitting up the bars or hanging around the dorms, we decided to embark on an adventure. We departed at dawn, packing into cars and jamming to the radio. We took the scenic route through Decorah, stopping to gaze at the gorgeous Dunning Springs -- a little waterfall hidden in the wood. We passed bikers on trails and fields of wild flowers at sunset. Then we strolled through adorable Decorah town and devoured delicious soft serve at the Whippy Dip. But this was just the beginning. Twin Springs was a campsite none of us had visited yet, so we decided to check it out. The dark winding road led us to a small fire pit and the sound of a waterfall flowing somewhere nearby. The team of us worked together to make a fire in almost complete darkness. Once achieved, we rewarded ourselves by lying down on a blanket and basking in the warmth of the flames. We sang and told stories and went around sharing what we would be doing right now if we weren't in college. (My wish was to go back to Spain - where I took a gap year last year. I wanted to see all the places I hadn't seen yet. Granada, for instance.) The night proceeded in song and giggles and I could feel us getting closer - becoming a tighter unit. There is no greater feeling than finding your niche and feeling a part of the group - it is endlessly reassuring. (It has been very easy to accomplish at Luther!) This is a memory I want to hold onto forever, and the beauty I want to remember my college town possessing. Coming from suburban New Jersey, Luther College has been a totally different experience for me, one I embrace for its newness. Isn't that the point of college? To leave the comforts of home, see things you've never seen before, meet people with different experiences from your own? That's a huge part of the college experience for me, and I am more than convinced that I have chosen the right adventure.

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