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Hey Guys, Let me first apologize for not updating on Sunday. The blog completely slipped my mind…probably because I was swamped with homework this weekend. I figured for this post I would update you guys about some of the things that I am doing on campus in the next couple of weeks. To begin, this weekend I am volunteering at the Adventure Race which is sort of like a triathlon around Decorah. The participants are going to be biking, canoeing/kayaking and running. The neat thing about the race is that you can either run it alone or in a team. I like it because by doing it this way groups of friends can split up the different legs of the race and still have a great time. Alpha Phi Omega (APO) and the Wellness Department sponsor the race. I am a member of APO so that is why I am volunteering. It should be a fun time and I am excited to see the different participants compete. Another thing that is coming up on campus is the Elevator Pitch competition sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Club. This is a really cool event because contestants get 90 seconds to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges. The winner gets sponsorship from E-club to go on to the national competition in Dallas Texas to compete for up to $2500. The flyers went up today so I am hoping we get a good amount of interest that way the contest will be pretty interesting to watch. Finally the last thing that I am participating in at the end of October is going to the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organizations National Conference in Dallas, Texas. Last year the conference was in Chicago so a group of us drove together to go to that. It was a great experience and I was able to network a ton, which is always a great thing when looking for future employment. I am pretty excited for this conference and we are already thinking of ways to fundraise for our plane tickets and hotel costs. It should be a great experience…especially since I have never been to Texas. Work is also keeping me pretty busy. I am a part of the Student Caller Team for the Admissions Department. This means that two nights a week for 3 hours I call prospective high school students to see what their interest in Luther is and if they have any questions for me. If you get a call from me feel free to chat for a while! Having good conversations at work make the time pass by so I am always game for that. I have to get running to class now but I will update FOR SURE on Sunday and let you know how the Adventure Race went! Take it easy everyone Mario

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