Our first week across the pond

It’s been a total of seven days, that’s right one week, since we arrived safely at Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom. Since then we’ve been so busy that it feels more like it’s been a month. We already feel like a big, happy family all settled in to our flat that resides on top of the German Lutheran Church in Nottingham. There’s something truly amazing about sitting at the dinner table in the morning eating your toast and jam while looking out the window at small, brick townhouses that look like something straight out of Harry Potter. In fact, Harry Potter seems to be our point of reference for just about everything. Whether it be the houses, accents, or double decker buses, it’s safe to say our experience and knowledge of England is about to get a lot larger than what we’ve seen on our TV screens. The first few days we had the opportunity to get to know the city of Nottingham a little bit better. We covered the ground of learning how to use the local bus system, which is really quite incredible, checked out the local downtown and shopping centre, explored the remnants of Nottingham Castle including a sculpture of Robin Hood which we were all very excited about, and got a feel for what the neighborhoods surrounding our flat are like. Afterwards we couldn’t help but be excited for all of the adventures that are sure to present themselves while living in Nottingham, or as they say around these parts, Notting’am. We then had our first flat trip for the course we are taking titled “International Studies 135: Exploring Britain.” Within the flat each year we take three courses with the professor who accompanies us. This trip was focused on religion in England. We got to see a fair share of mysterious stone circles, mind-blowing cathedrals as well as the Roman baths in Bath. It was quite an experience. Everyday was jam-packed with sight-seeing and life-changing views. As I go through my photos now it really feels like I must have been gone for a month rather than four days. We got the chance to see so many breathtaking places in England within the first week. That’s just incredible. The Nottingham program is quite the steal. Luther has developed such a great program and it’s very much affordable. For nine months, twelve students as well as a Luther professor and their spouse live in Nottingham, United Kingdom where the students take classes with the professor as well as classes at Nottingham Uni. This year the accompanying professor is Mark Johns, a communications professor at Luther and his wife Mary is along as well. It’s only been a week but we already feel like we’ve known each other forever and I’m very thrilled to have nine months left with this big, happy family on the other side of the pond.

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