Sick... ,mehh

Hey everyone!!!  Another week of school is down and I am still in love with this place.  But the one thing that is not going great is the fact that I am sick. It really sucks, and tons of other people on campus are sick too. An undeniable fact is that you will get sick while you are at college. I would assume no matter how well you take care of yourself you will get the sniffles for a few days. Since you come in contact with so many people it would be hard not to. Indirectly everyone is in contact with everyone. But being sick kind of sucks, especially when it is so important you go to class every day. Obviously if you are on you’re death bed or have a crazy virus you don’t have to go to class but if you have a sore throat and the sneezes, like me, you can go to class; which also leads to getting others sick, which is not good, but it happens. The moral of this blog is that you will get sick, so don’t be mad about it when it happens. Also it takes a lot of energy out of you, which is why I feel this post is less entertaining than my others, but I guess it is fairly educational. I promise next week will be full of fun stuff and what not! But if you cannot wait till my next blog you should go onto iTunes and look up “Good Guys to Know.” They are Luther alumni who have a podcast and just talk about cool stuff. They are cool guys and it’s even cooler that they are still so close after graduating five years ago. So… another moral of this post is that the friends you make at Luther are awesome people and you will be friends with them for a long time; which is great because you always need friends!

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