Girls Girls Girls

Ladies and gentleman… I have just completed my first full week of college!!! And because of that, and because nothing too crazy happened this week, I am dedicating this blog to the most important non-academic part of college. This post is all about girls!!!

First and foremost, the girls here at Luther are so gorgeous. I don’t know what it is but they are awesome. But, beware because if you aren’t careful some crazy stuff will happen, all I am about to tell you is 100% true and I have witnessed it happen (although, some stories were shortened, I don’t need to start my novel yet).

Story #1:

So during orientation my floor (Brandt W1) had to ask girls on Brandt E1 to a social dinner date, a dinner the school put on to help us get to know other students. My floor was given names of girls to ask, and it just so happened I ended up with two names, Girl A and Girl B (the letters have no correlation with their actual names). When I went over to E1 (the girl side) all of the girls are lined up about to go to an activity of orientation, so I asked “Who is Girl A?” Girl A responds and I walked up to her and ask her out to the social dinner, of course she said yes (ha). Then I asked if anyone was Girl B, and there is no response. So as I was walking back to my floor a girl walks out of the bathroom and I asked “Are you girl B?” She said she was not. Later that day I went over again, but this time just to chat with E1’s RA (who I have known since childhood) and while I was in there she told me that the girl who walked out of the bathroom was actually Girl B! I was shocked, but I also laughed hysterically because I got played by a girl for no reason (I would have been upset if I had not had a date with Girl A). Then while I was laughing Girl B walks up to me and asks to talk, so I step out of the room and talk to her. I asked her why she didn’t tell me her real name when I asked, she said “because I thought you were bald!” The odd thing is that I have a full head of thick hair on the top of my head. Then she said “When I walked out of the bathroom I thought you were bald and I thought you were Cole.” I then asked her who Cole is and she said she doesn’t know a Cole! And that basically ended the conversation between us. You are not crazy for being super confused because this story is not supposed to make any sense whatsoever, but it really did happen.

Story 2:

There is this girl (Girl C) in my Paideia class that I found quite attractive, and when we met I felt like we really hit it off. So after a few days of talking with a friend of mine, I decide to ask Girl C, and her friend, out on a “double date.” We did this by writing cool letters and using fancy paper with eloquent words, the intent was to be funny. Shortly after the girls receive these letters I got a 2 page text message about friendship from Girl C, needless to say she thought I was in love with her and it was going to be way more than a friendly double date. But I was okay; then later that night I walked into the study lounge and there Girl C was sitting on a tool’s lap. It would not have been that big of a deal if it wasn’t a known fact that this guy was not a very nice fella. But I got over Girl C and all of her games very quickly, and thankfully I am able to educate those of you in the Blogosphere.

Story 3:

Back to Girl A… we really hit it off during the social dinner date and I had a jumble of fun with her. Well I quickly learned that there are so many awesome girls at this school, and they really outnumber the crazy ones! It was all dumb luck that I found this girl. So gentlemen when you get to college and you are really hunting for a girl, don’t do it! Enjoy yourself and in no time at all you will run into a gorgeous, sweet, funny woman. But also remember you have to be the good guy in all your stories, don’t ever be the jerk.

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