FREYA Ultimate

Pondering over what I would write my blog on this afternoon, suddenly I was struck by the oh-so-obvious answer: the ultimate frisbee team!  Playing with these incredible girls has been the absolute highlight of my week.

            Tuesday, I attended my first ultimate practice. I had heard only good things about ultimate at Luther -- the boys go to Nationals every year, "the girls' team is tall, muscular and unstoppable," claimed an MIT friend of mine who attended a tournament with them.  I couldn't wait to be a part of it, in fact it was a large part of the reason I chose Luther.  Nevertheless I was anxious about how I would match up to the other girls after a year without playing. 

            I was but meters from the team when the girls showered me with smiles and greetings.  I knew almost immediately that this was the place for me.  We warmed up our throws, reviewed our backhands and forehands - I was relieved to find my throws up to par with the other players.  Then we started our drills, where we insinuated offensive cuts and defensive marking, and I felt the sport coming back to me like it was yesterday.  "It's like riding a bike!" laughed the coach, impressed. The returning players were encouraging, athletic, inspiring, not to mention their awesome sense of humor. Despite the high level of play, the practice proceeded in jokes and giggles.  (Doesn't everyone need a good laugh at the end of the day?)  We finished with an enthusiastic shout: "1, 2, 3 FREYA!"  And strolled to the caf chatting and laughing - and there was an instant chemistry, an assumed level of comfort between us all.  It was as if we had already established a family! 

            This is where I would meet best friends and big sisters - a support group that would always be there for me.  A place to have fun, let loose, relieve stress.

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