September 11, 2011

Aahhhhhh, back at Luther for sophomore year. It’s refreshing to be back to the grind, and when I say that I mean more than copious amounts of coffee.

    After the hectic packing routine (which is getting more efficient despite the TSA requirements), I left warm Washington for the humid Midwest. I arrived in Minneapolis where one of my roommates picked me up, and we dashed to Luther the next day. After setting up our “sweet suite” with our other two roommates in Olson (2 two-person rooms connected by a common room), I enjoyed the two remaining days of summer reconnecting with friends. It was comforting to fall back into sync with them after the long summer.

    This first week was not without a tad of lingering anxiety, however. All musicians must annually audition for Symphony Orchestra, and my summer of practicing the assigned cello excerpts still left me shaking in my dress black. I gained so much from LCSO last year, and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing friends as well as challenges and experiences that would be invaluable to me, so I hit the practice room to prepare for the mere three minute audition that would determine the rest of my year. Thankfully, my name was posted once again under the LCSO cello section for the 2011-12 school year and I’m bubbling over about all the performance opportunities this year. The King and Queen of Norway are visiting Luther this October and we will be playing at the convocation to welcome them, our Spring Break tour will be to the south/southwest United States, and of course Christmas at Luther. So many opportunities to blog!

    Now of course, this is college, so I haven’t neglected my studies, even though I’ve explained all my other activities thus far! This semester, I’m continuing on the Communication Studies path, taking Intro to Mass Media and Public Address, both proving to be enjoyable and right up my alley. I’m striving for minors in French and Music, so I’m beginning my Music Theory and Ear Training courses, as well as Advanced French Grammar and Composition. Since I’ve been studying music most of my life, my music theory classes are building and enhancing skills that I’ve already learned. This leaves my French class, proving to be the most difficult by far. A tip off should have been the required 5-inch thick French/English dictionary, but the amount of work assigned on the first day didn’t leave any doubt that this is a 344-level class. I’m hoping my fears will subside once I get over my summer rustiness. We will just have to see about that. Another comforting note: At least it’s not Paideia.

    With piano lessons, rehearsals and sectionals starting up this week as well, I’m falling back into a beautiful routine. Coordinating CAF dinner times with friends, grabbing coffee in Oneota Market, saying hi to new and old friends on the weaving paths of Luther, trips to the co-op, great music..... After a tiring but enjoyable first full week of classes, all I can do is breathe a sigh of content.

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