One down...

September 5, 2011 

I cannot believe it!!! I have officially been at Luther College for one whole week, and it has been such a great week. But first let me introduce myself to all you blog readers, my name is Samuel Weinberg and I am a first year (or freshman) here at Luther College. I hail from Clive, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines. I am on the Luther Swimming and Diving Team, I am in Norsemen and I plan on being involved in so many other things on campus. I am a Biology major and hope to go to medical school after graduation.

So since classes started this last Wednesday and we moved in Saturday we had a lot of time to get to know campus and get to know the awesome people that go to school here. The first days we were here we had “orientation;” but I would not have called it that, I would have called it four days of fun and playing the name game.  There were so many cool opportunities, but there were also some boring rules and regulation type meetings. But even with all of the planned activities the best part of orientation was meeting new people. College life is so much different than high school because in college you have to meet people, and the best way to meet people is to just introduce yourself; which is exactly what I did, a lot!  

College classes are rather interesting. They are so different than high school classes, but classes here at Luther are so different than any class you would take anywhere else. All of the professors love the school and love what they do, which is super amazing! The professors are always willing to talk and do a great job of being approachable. Even my professors in my Biology lecture class, which has about 300 people in it, are easy to talk to.  The Biology lecture size is very atypical for Luther; my other classes have around 20 people in them. The amount of reading that happens outside of class is incredible, but it is always manageable and there is always extra time in the day to “Bro out.” With all of that said, it is so hard to see myself at any other school than Luther College.

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