There's Nothing Good about Goodbyes

Here it is folks, my last blog of the year. As I sit here writing this, it’s getting quieter and quieter on campus as the last exams are handed in, the last boxes loaded and the last goodbyes exchanged. It’s an odd feeling to describe when you say goodbye to friends that you have lived, studied, stressed, traveled, and laughed with for a whole school year. I suppose a word might be melancholy, because going home will be wonderful, and knowing that I will see them again in three months is comforting, but life will be so drastically different without them. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. I should probably fill you in on the last few academic things of my first year of college.

    Once 24-hour quiet hours were set in place the weekend before finals, much studying commenced. At that point, I had a 6-page communications paper that I hadn’t started and a religion paper worth 30% of my grade to complete, each of these in replacement of a written final. Thankfully, my communications paper felt like it wrote itself it went so fast. However, my religion paper, I can honestly say, was the hardest assignment for me to complete this whole year. This was not because the material or concepts were difficult to understand, it’s just that I learned more than I will ever need to know about Pharisees, not exactly a topic I’m passionate about. Needless to say, I did get it done, though with much grinding and gnashing of teeth, as the Good Book says. This semester, I only had two written final tests, Paideia and French. This left very little actual studying, considering that with both these classes if you do the work along the way, you will be prepared for the exam. All in all, it was a rather low-stress finals week compared to some of my friends, which I am definitely not complaining about.

    Now that I am officially on summer break, mentally and physically, I get to hang around campus for a few days and prepare for the last LCSO concert of the year. The Music Showcase Concert is the Saturday of commencement weekend, and we will be playing Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3 with Organ and Debussy’s “Afternoon of the Fawn,” both intriguing pieces. Nordic Choir and Concert Band will also take part in the concert. We have a few dress rehearsals now that finals are over, and even an LCSO canoe trip along the Iowa River planned for Friday afternoon. I hope everybody wears sunscreen and we don’t show up looking like lobsters for our last concert!

    The fact that I am truly moving home, not just going to live out of a suitcase for a short time, is slowly sinking in with the last logistical arrangements being made for moving out. Most of my belongings are being hauled to a storage space in the next few days, seeing as things like my winter clothes and other miscellaneous items won’t be of any use to me in Washington over the summer. My cello will also be shipped home after the concert, and I believe it’s traveled almost as many miles as I have this year. It’s a crazy but exciting thought to know that the next time I move all my belongings, I will be a sophomore in college, returning to my Midwest family here at Luther.

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