Papers and Quizzes and Sleep, Oh My!

Yes, the title of my blog fairly sums up my well-spent time this week. After four hours of mind-numbing paper outlining at the library Sunday afternoon, I attended the Chamber Orchestra Concert in a daze (kudos to them, well done!). For my Honors Discussion class, we met to watch a movie that evening titled “Barbarian Invasion,” a depressing French film that made me long for the sunshine that has graced us with it’s presence this week. Before I crashed into my pillow that night, I attempted more homework, and awoke the next morning for my usual routine of classes and work. With outline completed, I wrote my (LAST!) Paideia draft in a cinch, and studied for my French vocabulary quiz.

    Tuesday brought a full day, about 8 AM to 8 PM of classes, symphony and sectional, starting and ending with studying for our last unit test in Communications. Being well-prepared for Wednesday brought me time to start my final paper for Intro to the New Testament (draft due Thursday) and to study for my last unit test in French. Thursday brought some peace with classes, tests and papers completed. I topped it off with Free Movie Night sponsored by SAC (Student Activities Council) watching “Water for Elephants,” which I highly recommend. Each night brought me to my pillow that much earlier, and each morning became increasingly later.

    Friday, the day of all days: Research Symposium Day. A day to sit and listen to your fellow students and all the hard work they’ve achieved through individual research efforts. A welcomed day off from one of the craziest academic weeks of my career.

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