The End is Near.... Maybe Too Near

I’m pleased to report that this week has flown by, though not without plenty of work despite the short week. After a safe trip back from Minneapolis Monday evening, Tuesday morning found me working on homework in Oneota Market, one of the eateries on campus. Since I don’t have class until 11:00 two days a week, I have chosen to complete large chunks of homework in this morning time slot, because no one was joking when they talk about the busy end of spring semester. By May 17th, I will have completed (God willing) three 7-10 page papers and a whole host of exams and quizzes. The countdown has begun, and it’s going to be a sprint to the end.
    As for the music component for my week, I performed for the second time in my piano seminar, and only have one more piece to present before the end of the year. Once again though, I still didn’t perform up to my standards. Any musician can relate to that point in a piece you know you can nail, but somehow mess up in a performance. It’s one of the most frustrating but most exhilarating parts of performing, the uncertainty. I also attended the Philharmonia concert this week, and was impressed by their performance. It might sound odd, but I was pleasantly surprised at how many people I knew. The realization of how my friend bubble has grown throughout the year astounds me. Finally, only slightly in relation to music, my cello section, plus a few music friends, had our sectional at the Sugar Bowl, an ice cream parlor specializing in Wisconsin Ice Cream. Ice cream is the best replacement for music, if there ever needed to be one.
    With the end of the semester comes plans for next year that are all falling into place. As I related in my last blog, my schedule is set for next semester. This week, three of my friends and I became future roommates when we received notice that we were placed in a suite-style room in Olson Hall next year! A suite-style room includes two 2-person rooms, connected by a common room. Room draw is a rather complicated process where each student is given a number based on their credits, rank, etc., and then averaged with your roommate to determine a time slot where you choose a room together. Because us first-years are on the bottom of this room draw pole, my friends and I applied for the suite on a whim. We were facing the prospect of small rooms in “The Towers” (mostly second year housing), an inconvenient location on campus for most of us, and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to apply. As it turns out, so many students applied for suites in Miller (being renovated over the summer) and Farwell (mostly fourth year housing) that we didn’t have a problem receiving the room we wanted! My roommates and I are ridiculously excited, and have already planned our room, though it won’t come to fruition for another four months. It’s so much fun to dream, though... As far as a job for next year, I’m pleased to tell you that I will continue blogging my Luther adventures. For the rest of my work study hours, my last resort is to work in the CAF, though I’m trying my hardest to end my career in food service... That could be a dream as well.

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